Darshana : Turning a mobile phone into a classroom projector

FD projector hack - 00032

Digital media has the powerful ability to captivate, immerse and enhance children’s grasp of information. In this project we take apart a cheap (100 $ ) projector phone  and turn it into a functioning classroom projector. All using locally found resources and tools. The battery is replaced with a radio battery for longevity, high power led’s are added for extra brightness and the whole thing can be recharged and run on solar power !

This project is a collaboration with the Frugal Digital Initiative at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. For more please visit http://frugaldigital.org/archives/328 . Some images taken from the  Frugal Digital website


Screenshot 2015-04-06 05.30.42

Taking the phone apart

FD projector hack - 00004



Hacking the mobile phone keypad for input

2011-08-20 07.22.17

Adding some extra parts – the speaker that came with the phone, high power led, battery charging circuit, etc.

2011-08-21 23.16.43


All done

2011-08-21 23.21.11