Varun Perumal is a hardware fanatic, maker, tinkerer of all things creative and fun. He loves to fix things that are not broken. He has built a wide range of stuff, everything from particle detectors for physics experiments to art installations and quite a bunch in between. Varun is currently a Human Computer interaction  researcher at the University of Toronto. He is working on building new werable devices that change and enhance how people interact with their digital selves, he is also passionate about designing and building novel digital fabrication tools.

Varun is a graduate of IIT Bombay with a Bachelors in Engineering Physics. In the past he has co-founded two startups in the past,one was a hardware product prototyping and consulting firm and the other built 3D scanning hardware and software.

He loves all things mechanical and clicky and spends his free time restoring and repairing vintage mechanical watches. P.S he is also terrified of mug-shots